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Oral thrush is a condition that causes white lesions to appear on your tongue and inner cheek tissues, with the possibility of spreading to other areas. We encourage you to learn more about oral thrush and its causes so that you can protect your smile from its effects.

Inflammation caused by oral thrush can make it difficult to eat, and irritated lesions often bleed a little. Other sensations are a reduced sense of taste, a cotton feeling in your mouth, and the spread of lesions from the throat to the stomach that cause you to struggle with swallowing.

Oral thrush is caused by the fungus candida, but your risk of developing it is determine by your immune system. Babies and the elderly are often at risk because their immune systems are weaker, but risk can also arise from having dentures, yeast infections, diabetes, HIV, or AIDS, or taking some medications,.

Prescription medications that can result in oral thrush can be counteracted by rinsing any bacteria out of your mouth after your daily dosage. Practice daily oral hygiene, especially if you have dentures, and limit how much sugar you eat, as it can promote the development of candida. Any instances of dry mouth or yeast infections should be treated by your doctor, who can also a prescription for antifungal medication.

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