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Have you ever woken up in the morning and noticed damage to your teeth? Have you ever felt an additional sensitivity or pain from aches in your jaw or teeth? Even with the proper oral health care, it may be possible for some conditions to arise in your mouth that can do serious harm to your teeth and gums, including a common oral health condition known as bruxism.

Bruxism is an oral health condition in which you slowly grind and gnash your teeth. As bruxism can often take place unconsciously or while you sleep, you may not be fully aware that it is even present. Sleep bruxism is often difficult to diagnose because you aren’t awake when it takes place. However, if you are noticing an increase in soreness in your mouth when you wake up, it could be linked to bruxism.

It’s important to look for the various visual clues and indicators that bruxism is occurring while you sleep. When you wake up each morning, inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of visible damage, which can include irregular or abnormal indentations on your tongue or damage to your cheek tissue linings. If it feels as if you if you’ve been gnawing on your cheek tissue while you sleep, bruxism could be to blame. Other common visual clues of bruxism damage include worn or flat teeth and chips and cracks that weren’t previously there or for which you cannot identify a cause.

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