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If you are pregnant, think might be, or trying to become pregnant, you should make an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Mike Roussel, even if you aren’t experiencing any problems.

Pregnancy can be a busy time, and when the baby comes, life will only get busier! So, a cleaning and examination by our dentist can take care of any problems before the big day, and besides, your cleaning and exam can be out of the way for another six months, so that will be one less thing to worry about! The best times to see our dentist for non-urgent matters may be during the first and third trimesters. While it may be safe to have dental X-rays taken while you are pregnant, our dentist can provide you with a protective apron and thyroid collar for additional protection.

You will experience hormone changes during your pregnancy, which could increase your chances of getting gum disease, and our dentist may want to monitor your oral health. You may also develop overgrowths on your gums that resemble raspberries. They are called pregnancy tumors and they are harmless, but our dentist can remove them if they are causing you problems.

Pregnancy also comes with morning sickness, which itself can come with vomiting. That means that the acids from your stomach could end up in your mouth, which can cause erosion of your tooth enamel. You should rinse your mouth with a mixture of water and baking soda and brush your teeth thirty minutes later.

If you have questions about pregnancy and dental care, we have the answers. If you live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area, you can make an appointment at My Dentist Albuquerque by calling 505-881-4365.