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Did you know that just as some foods can damage your teeth, so too can some foods help them? Healthy foods create healthy smiles. With the proper healthy snacks, you can add an extra layer of protection on your teeth in the everyday battle against tooth decay and gum disease.

Your smile relies on you not taking risks that can put it in constant danger. This includes eating sugary foods all the time and frequently trying to bite or chew through excessively hard or tough foods. Despite this, some hard and sugary foods can keep your mouth clean if you exercise caution when biting through them. This includes apples and pears, which tend to be very crunchy and have a high amount of water content. They can help rinse away harmful acids and plaque buildup.

Select foods contain minerals that can strengthen our tooth enamel, with such minerals as calcium and phosphorus. When eaten as part of a balanced diet, your tooth enamel can be strengthened and rebuilt for increased support in the future.

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