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Have you ever heard of dental anxiety? Dental anxiety, although common, can be a debilitating condition in which an individual is too afraid to visit their dentist. In addition, extreme stress and anxiety can be felt while at the dentist office, due to anything from sounds heard to the visual appearance of oral health care cleaning tools. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it is important to speak with your dentist so effective treatment plans and techniques can be used to ensure you still receive the oral health care treatment you need.

You’re never too old to suffer from dental anxiety. Although it may seem embarrassing, it is important to speak up to your dentist about any fears or anxieties you may have. To combat problems associated with stress, numerous methods can be used, including stress balls, fidget spinners, relaxing music, local anesthetics, and others.

To help calm your body and your mind, breathing deeply has been shown to be effective. This includes taking long deep breaths and counting your breaths if necessary. Meditation or visualizing yourself elsewhere can also help put your mind at ease. Think of a place that makes you your happiest and visualize yourself being there. For additional help, speak with your dentist so the appropriate treatments can be given.

If you require dental anxiety treatments in Albuquerque, New Mexico, My Dentist Albuquerque would love to assist you. For a thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for you, you can set an appointment with Dr. Mike Roussel by calling our dentist office at 505-881-4365.